COLD CITY – Cold is the Nacht

Berlin, 1950. The Russian push to isolate and drive out the western allies has failed. The 1948 Berlin airlift has proved a success and delivered much needed, if sparse, supplies needed for rebuilding. Food, medicine, building materials, clothes and a few scant luxuries.

As the west slowly brings what order it can to a war torn Germany, Berlin becomes the central focus for a new Europe. The western allies attempt to overlay a sense of normality across the rubble and poverty. The newly running trains bring a rise in population, the hotels light their ballrooms for incongrous socialite evenings, the street vendors sell basic foods and racketeers sell everything else.

That is all there is though, a thin veil cast over the darkness. The shadow of war will not shift, will not budge, no matter how many street lights are lit, no matter how much bright, false laughter rings around the hotel ballrooms. With every waltzing step comes a cautious look over the shoulder.

Berlin, like a child with the sheets pulled over its head, lies in the darkness but the monster refuses to go away.

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Cold City - Cold is the Nacht

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