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  • Heinrich von Nacht

    *Heinrich von Nacht* sits behind his desk in the dark room. His silver cane rests against his desk, the faint reflection of light from it's silver tip the only indcation it is there. Round black lenses pick out dark holes in his white albino face and he …

  • Francis Cummings

    A short fat round 5ft5inch British gentleman. Francis Cummings knows his place in the order of things. Or that is the impression he gives. He has a job to do and he would very much like to get it over and done with. An overly loud voice where it need …

  • Jonas Becker

    Jonas runs the hotel and does it with German efficiency. He knows everyone who stays and their business. His welcomes always feel like goodbyes and the hospitality at the hotel better than it would seem. Not an easy man to talk to and a harder man to get …

  • Adele Beland

    Dr Trencaval's French government contact in Berlin. A direct line back to Department B. The Dr's sponsors for his"work". The work they want him to continue. She has left a number with the Dr should he need to contact her.

  • James Makepiece

    British agent and contact for Harriet Doleman. He is a handsome and persuasive man. A hero, if such exist in these post war, cold war times.

  • Troy Carnivale

    Captain Troy Carnivale of the USAF 515th in Berlin. Privy to some of the riskier transports during the war and key in handling sensitive cargo in and out from Berlin. With the promie of a pardon he has asked Lime to perform one more task for the 515th …

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