Cold City - Cold is the Nacht

The story so far

1950, Berlin and the cold war is just getting started.

Each of the players have, in some way, been touched by unknown and unknowable forces or events. Strange happenings that have opened their eyes or minds to another reality just under the surface of the one they thought real. Left with the certainty that all is not well with the world and either hiding their experiences or even themselves from the outside world they carry on with life as best as humanly possible.

The players have been noticed by the RPA and each given tickets for the train to Berlin and told to report to the offices of the Berlin Air Safety Centre located in the old Supreme Court of the Russian State building.

They are to report to one Heinrich von Nacht. Agent liason for the Western Allied Nations recruiting.

Having been given some cash for expenses and and a dossier on the other players the game opens with them travelling by train to Berlin.


AllanCarey AllanCarey

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